Unstoppable Case Study

Zuri Mosley
Zuri MosleyOwner Natural Bodies Massage Therapy
Zuri Mosley is a massage specialist and owner of Natural Bodies Massage Therapy.

Zuri’s Story

Zuri Mosley is a massage specialist and owner of Natural Bodies Massage Therapy. At one point in her business, she was barely earning income and did not have a marketing and selling strategy or consistent pricing in place. She needed help. One day,  she wrote a post on Facebook: “I need a business coach.” A great deal of people recommended business coaches, and Shaniece was one of them. She and Zuri connected for a discovery call where Shaniece learned that Zuri wanted to break a family cycle and do something amazing. Zuri desired to become a 360-degree person and live an abundant, whole, and healthy lifestyle.
The first system Shaniece helped Zuri put in place is establishing her financial business blueprint. It was important for Zuri to understand how to track her income and expenses. She learned the difference between revenue and profit and also developed short-term and long-term goals that aligned with her business and life.

Next, Shaniece and Zuri worked on her services; what she offered and how her pricing strategy was set up. Shaniece’s ultimate goal was to allow her Zuri to see her worth as a business owner. Zuri was not charging enough based on all of the services she was providing. So, they up-leveled her pricing strategy and diversified what Zuri offered.

After redesigning Zuri’s entire pricing layout, we created a marketing message that centered around her ideal clients. The goal was to be specific, because everyone was not her customer, and her message needed to be clear. Shaniece and Zuri worked on making sure Zuri’s message spoke to the problem that many people were having, and why they needed her services to fix their problem.

After eight months in Shaniece’s yearly coaching program, Zuri:

  • Increased her customer base by 85%, and her income by 75%
  • Identified her business gaps and grew her revenue
  • Is actively working diversify her portfolio by creating multiple sources of income
  • Redefined her business layout for clarity and optimization

Zuri is a rising star and is truly unstoppable!

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