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The definition of potential is having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. There are so many people with potential. Potential to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant, teacher and business owner, but they do not use what they already have to do what it takes in order to be those things. The question is how long do you live with this unused potential? When do you actually take action?

So let’s talk about how long you live with your unused potential. How many people do you know who would really be great if they just did what they said they wanted to do? If they actually stepped out on faith and put their potential in motion. I think about when I was growing up and I would go to the playground and watch the fellas play basketball or football. These were neighborhood kids with so much potential. Every weekend they would be on the court or in the field dribbling, running or throwing the ball.

These were guys I could definitely see in the NFL or NBA. I always wondered did they use their potential and turn it into action. Did they try out for their school teams, did they have opportunities to participate in summer camps and be a part of events that would make them visible to the public eye? Did they have someone in their corner pushing them and helping them? As I think back, I honestly wonder what happened to those amazing athletes who had the potential of professionals, did they make it out of the neighborhood. Did they chase after opportunities or did they wait for things to fall in their lap?

 I also think about some of the business owners that I coach. I have some that work hard and are determined to be a great business owner. Then I have some who have the potential that would put millionaires to shame but they are lazy and operate from a place of lack and complacency. I believe what saddens me most is they will never work hard enough to do exactly what they are meant to do. They will just work “enough” to keep their businesses afloat. They have a fear of investing in themselves because they allow money to stop them. They allow family to stop them and they allow life issues to get in the way.

 What about the people who are always saying they should be doing this or doing that? They have the potential but they allow life to hold them back or hold them down. They have the ability to be great but they are not willing to do the work. They are not willing to take the risks and they are not willing to be inconvenienced.

 Ask yourself what category you fall into. I challenge you to take a good look in the mirror. I am constantly looking at myself. What I need to fix, change or improve. My potential is not good enough. As an Entrepreneur you cannot make it off of potential. In my opinion, you make it by staying in action even if things do not look the way you desire for them to look. You make it by constantly investing in yourself, learning, developing and growing. You make it by using wisdom and being determined.

I was researching Tyler Perry and his success. He started his journey in 1992.  He took his tax returns and all the money he had to start his plays. He would hold plays and invest all he could and people would not show up. His first play had 30 people in attendance and they were his friends and family. For years he stayed the course, he was even homeless at one time. Trials and tribulations did not stop him. He had potential, and his potential gave him the fire he needed to believe in himself and his dream. Six years later in 1998 he finally got his big break and look at him now. He is an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, author and songwriter. He used his potential and turned it into a reality.

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