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Never in my wildest dream did I think I would ever write a book. It never even crossed my mind. I remember being broken. I was in a desolate place, trying to figure out what my next steps were going to be. My career had been amazing up until this point. I was a Sales Director with Mary Kay, traveling all over the United States teaching people how to build solid businesses. Fourteen years of an amazing career, then suddenly I began to feel empty . . . like something was missing.

I knew this feeling well, because I’d had it before I left Corporate America. This feeling was very familiar, and just like before, I knew God was about to transition me. What I did not realize was the magnitude of the transition.

After years of running a successful business in one area, I stepped down from my position, sent my pink Cadillac back to the company, and started my own brand. I had no idea what that was going to look like, I just knew I was about to take a huge faith walk. So, I began writing and journaling about my everyday life; what I did on a day-to-day basis. I began to write about the things I would teach professionals and entrepreneurs. I began to write about me and how I overcame death, divorce, and depression.

That is when my book was birthed. That is when I wrote Activating Your Gifts. That is when I knew my voice needed to be heard. My story could help change someone’s life. Not only did I develop my book, I started my coaching program so I could serve others on a large platform. Activating Your Gifts was just the beginning.

Activating Your Gifts starts out with this excerpt:

Transformation . . .

I want to challenge you to take a look at yourself and identify what is keeping you from reaching your highest destination. What is hindering the gift that is inside of you from being ignited and birthed? I want to see you transform from the inner to the outer. The definition of “transform” is to make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character. Let’s choose today to begin transforming your thoughts, views, and actions, so that you can begin to identify, activate, and maximize the gifts that have been lying dormant.

I have observed many entrepreneurs who start businesses and have great success . . . until life throws them a curveball. When entrepreneurs fail to deal with the personal issues that seem to be holding them down, it is possible that they will fall and never get up. These issues, situations, and relationships are like road blocks hindering them from truly activating the gifts that are stored inside of them. We must learn how to personally develop, declutter, and grow to change our situation and create a life of abundance. My goal is for you to activate your gift and become the 360 degree person that I know you can be. Your gift is waiting patiently to be ignited, birthed, and developed.

Think about how powerful what I wrote in the opening section of my book is. Everyone needs to transform sometime in their life. I was supposed to write those words and share them in my book. Just like I was supposed to write the very words you are reading now. What are you supposed to write and share?

I used to believe that everyone was not meant to be an author. I believed that an author was someone with magical powers that was different from everyone else. Now, after writing my book, I realize that an author is someone just like me—and you—with a testimony, a message, and a story to share. I know the title of this article says, “Why Everyone Is Not Meant to Be an Author,” but now, after writing my book, I realize that everyone has a story that needs to be told. We all have gone through things and dealt with life’s ups and downs. We all have a story that could possibly help someone else along the way. So instead of “Why Everyone Is Not Meant to Be an Author,” let’s change the title to, “Reasons Why Everyone Could Be an Author” and share their story.

Everyone has a story and our stories are not for us (the person who goes through the trial and testimony), they are meant to help someone else along the way. Our stories are our voices to help reach the brokenhearted, the depressed, and the unhappy . . . to show people that they can and they will make it. It is up to us to share how we have been in certain places but we did not stay there. It is up to us to share how we raised our children in single parent homes and our children still turned out okay.

If you don’t write your story, then you cannot help change someone else’s life. I charge you today to begin writing, begin journaling and sharing your story. Now is the time! Now is your season to share.

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