Unstoppable Community VIP Day

VIP days are high level private coaching sessions designed for the individual that needs advice, business building strategies, strategy implementation, system building and developing, branding, marketing and selling strategies all in one day. We spend the entire day up leveling your business so it truly connects to your ideal customer.

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Who is this program for?

The individual who already has a business and systems in place, who is earning income, and who has identified areas that need to be improved in order to go to the next level of optimization.

What does the program do?

The Unstoppable Community VIP Day consists of one-on-one personalized coaching, advice, and help on identifying the client’s issues, concerns, and identifying the key factors that are holding them back from growing as an entrepreneur. This is customized to the client and the client’s needs. We spend time taking what you already have in place to the next level. We look at your business and identify areas of growth and what systems will aide in the areas we identify. We will work on strategies, systems, branding optimization, marketing, and selling infrastructures that are already in place that need more development. This will assist clients in reaching a new level in their area of expertise.

Your VIP Day Includes:

One Pre and Post Call (60 Minutes Each) to assess and evaluate needs and progress

Your choice of one Half-Day (4 Hours) or Full Day (8 Hours) VIP Session that is tailored to you and your business

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