Private One-On-One VIP Sessions

VIP Sessions are tailored toward entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to grow and expand in specific areas. 



Create a 12-month marketing plan that will lead to generating six figures or more in revenue. 


Learn how to package, price, and strategically sell your expertise to your ideal target audience with confidence.


Create additional branches of business inside of your current business in order to grow visibility as well as profits.


Create a strategic 6 to 12-month plan to leave your corporate job and build a solid business.


Build an automated sales funnel that attracts your target audience, generates more leads, and is the solution to your customers’ problems.


Learn how to build a speaking platform around your business to grow visibility and connect your target audience to your main branch of revenue.



VIP stands for a Very Important Person. This very important person spends a Very Important Day with Shaniece, or someone on her team, and they focus on a specific goal or area of business. In this VIP Day, business owners receive specific strategies to help up-level and leverage their businesses.

People sign up for Business VIP Days because they desire a quick answer for a specific problem they are dealing with that requires the expertise of someone who specializes in business development, growth, and expansion. They are not looking to fix their entire business; they are seeking a quick solution with a strong strategy for an issue or problem they are experiencing.

VIP Days are centered around instant gratification and focuses on one specific area of concern, whereas my 12-Month Emerging Leader Coaching Program looks at the entire business’s foundation, framework, operations and strategies. During VIP Days, business owners receive assistance in growing and expanding their business in a 12-month timeframe.

The benefit of VIP Days:

  • Private one-on-one sessions that are individualized to focus on the business owner’s specific area  of concern, area of growth and expansion, and areas where the business owner is leaving money on the table
  • Time is focused on the specific goal of the VIP Day with no distractions
  • Business owners receive instant strategies for a specific area
  • Gives you the ability to work uninterrupted with an expert, and accomplish more than you could in a normal day
  • Allows you to run ideas by an expert and receive the accountability that is needed 

Prior to the VIP Day, the business owner will have a private 60-minute call with Shaniece, or someone from her team, which is an orientation session. The focus of this session is to learn more about the business owner and their areas of concern. Thirty days after the VIP Day, there is a follow-up accountability session to make sure the strategies that were created are being followed, and results are beginning to be seen. 

After the thirty days, the business owner can schedule another VIP Day, or a conversation can be had around the 12-Month Emerging Leader and what it takes to be a part of this elite group of business owners and CEOs.


Shaniece’s program taught me how to properly organize my ideas and create a format that I can expand upon as my business grows.

“I had a lot of ideas but didn’t know where to really start. I joined the program to bring a sense of order and clarity to my ideas. She also helped me get past my desire to have everything perfect and to just put myself out there and make adjustments as I go. Since joining Shaniece’s program, I’ve been more strategic with finding my audience. I’ve also secured speaking engagements and I’ve been asked to create some workshops/trainings for a local organization. I still have work to do in that area, but I’ll have some solid numbers for Spring 2020.” 

Shawna Dae | www.dialoguewithdae.com


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