"Profit From Your Gifts Tour"

 Are You Ready To Profit From Your Gifts?
Now is the time for people to not only praise you for your gifts but pay for your services as well.

Now is the time for you to get the results from building your business that you desire.

Now is the time for you to thrive in your business and not just survive!

If you agree, than this tour will be perfect for you. 

During the PFYG Tour, You'll learn the
Profit From Your Gifts Million Dollar  Blueprint

The PFYG Tour is designed for go-getting, action taking entrepreneurs who are ready to be more, do more and have more by leveraging the gifts they were born with. 

If you know that your gifts SHOULD make room for you, keep reading!

7 Reasons Why Registering for the PFYG Tour is Right For You


1. You desire to feel successful. You know deep down inside that success is your birthright but it continues to slip through your grasp.

2. You know with your skills and your expertise, you should be running a business that earns 6-7-8 figures in revenue. 

3. You are tired of being fearful instead of fearless when it comes to taking risks to grow your business. 

4. You know you work hard, invest, and you are committed to your business development, but you are tired of feeling broke all of the time and your hard work is not paying off.

5. You are tired of allowing your excuses (time, money, family, being shy, not
knowing enough people, etc) keep you from achieving the success that you deserve. 

6. You are tired of people not purchasing your services and products at the prices you have in place. 

7. You want to move past the myth, that If you earn a high level profit in your business, than you are neglecting those around you and your personal life.

You are tired of year after year, receiving the same results


If you can see yourself in ANY of these statements, this workshop is for you.

 2018 is the year to Profit Your Gifts.

Register today. Registration is limited.

You are worth it and you deserve it.

Tour/Workshop Dates

Columbus, Ohio
Monday, September 17, 2018
Limited Seating


Virtual Workshop
Date - TBA

Virtual Workshop - TBA
About The Guest Speaker

Shaniece M. Wise is the CEO of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, L.L.C.—a coaching and consulting firm that works with leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs in the areas of personal, career and business development. Shaniece is also the founder of the UNSTOPPABLE Community, (a community of over 1800 professionals) where she offers workshops, webinars, events, and programs for leaders who are building their own businesses and/or growing their careers in corporate America.

Shaniece is a highly sought-after speaker and author of the bestselling book Activating Your Gifts.  Her book teaches personal development, through the use of engaging activities. Her goal is to help individuals become 360 Degree Individuals and how to be intentional about changing their lives.  Shaniece believes that personal development is an important key to growth in one’s career and or business.

Shaniece is a graduate of The Ohio State University Max Fisher College of Business where she ranked in the top 2% of her class and earned two business degrees. Shaniece worked in corporate America before becoming an Executive Sales Director in Mary Kay Cosmetics. For 13 years she traveled around the world teaching business owners how to build strong successful businesses.

After her success with Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Executive Sales Director with sales of over $500,000 in one calendar year, Shaniece launched her coaching firm; Wise, Armstrong and Associates. Shaniece teaches entrepreneurs how to create multiple sources of income using their gifts.

Her workshops and speaking engagements include: AccessHealth McKesson, TBN Television Network, The Ohio State University 6th Annual Women’s Summit, Child Development Council of Franklin County, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Delta Sigma Theta, and 2017 WICT Women’s History Month, just to name a few.

Organizations across the country are currently using her book, Activating Your Gifts to support the professional development and career advancement of high potential leaders. Shaniece’s next book—Identifying Your Gifts Part 1: Where It All Begins—will be released in 2018.

Chantal Roberson

"When I first meet Shaniece, I had so much going on around me. I’d just had a death in my family, only to lose another person a month later. While being a single mother working a full-time (40+ hrs weeks) job, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I had no idea about how to polish myself as a business woman. How was I going to start my transition of leaving the corporate world? How was I going to afford this? I prayed God would put the right people in my life and put me where He wanted me to be. I ran across Shaniece's ad on Facebook, and joined her “Unstoppable Community,” a community of entrepreneurs. I was sold the moment I met her. She cared! She made it her business to know me, my daughter, and my business. Shaniece has pulled me out of my comfort zone. Now, months later, I have increased my sales by 100 percent. I landed my biggest contract so far with the State of Ohio, and I will have the opportunity to be on the Food Network. This is only the beginning, I humbly say while shouting, “THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, SHANIECE!!!"


I didn't know what I even wanted to do when I started the program. In six weeks, I went from having nothing, to starting my own business . . . literally! I accomplished amazing things under Shaniece's direction. I identified my gifts, established a business that leveraged my gifts, and captured all my current entrepreneurial ventures under one umbrella. I certified my business with the state, secured my website domain, created my logo and tag line, obtained my EIN, opened a business account, created two sustainable business models, engaged in her Unstoppable Community and Facebook coaching group, created pricing, and started actively networking to grow my business.

I've recommended Shaniece's program to many aspiring and currently-in-business entrepreneurs. She is grounded in faith, transparent, helps you unlock "who you be," and tells you how to build a sustainable business model so you can operate from a place of abundance, passion and love, while making a profit in your business.


In April 2016, I never realized how a direct message on Facebook would turn into an impactful coaching relationship with Shaniece M. Wise. Shaniece invited me to an "Activate Your Gifts" workshop in Dayton, Ohio. Feeling optimistic, I drove from Cincinnati to Dayton to hear her speak. I watched her pour into the room and help women find clarity on ideas, helping me reflect on my own journey. I purchased her workbook and CD to continue building on my vision. She talked about a coaching program, but honestly, at that time I wasn't ready or dedicated to truly investing in myself. Months later, I moved to Columbus, confused as ever about the direction I wanted to take my business. I remembered attending Shaniece's dynamic workshop, and contacted her for a consultation.

Working with Shaniece has strategically been one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my business. She pushed me and reenergized me to look at my business from different angles. Shaniece challenged me and offered great feedback to incorporate into my business. She helped me take my gifts out of the closet, and strategize on how to monetize what God has given me. Thanks to her, I will continue to move forward and be the person that is bigger than how I have operated in the past. If you are just starting out in business, or need help identifying what it is that makes you special, I highly recommend Shaniece to help you find clarity, and activate your gifts! Thank you, Shaniece, for helping me become UNSTOPPABLE!