One On One Coaching Programs

Shaniece offers three distinctive one-on-one coaching programs to help new and established entrepreneurs attain growth in their business. Review the programs below to determine which program is the best fit for you and your business needs.

Identifying Your Gifts Coaching Program

This program is for the person who desires a business but has no idea what to do or even know what his or her gifts are. This program assists you with identifying the gift that is inside of you so you can connect it to the right vehicle to create income.

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Activating Your Gifts Coaching Program

This program for the person who already knows what his or her gifts are and what type of business he or she desire but have not yet started a business or are in the early stages of growing it. This program will help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business. They will be introduced to Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies that are needed to create the business that they desire. The focus of this program is to help create and develop a solid business infrastructure which will lead to creating multiple sources of income.

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Maximizing Your Gifts Coaching Program

This is for the person who desires to take it to the next level. Whether they have been in business for 2 years or 10 or more, this program will help them turn their business into next level profit. In this program we will identify business gaps, road blocks, learn how to spot new opportunities for growth, create or refine your business plan to accurately reflect the current conditions affecting your business, and develop operational structure and efficiencies to accelerate your business for long-term growth and success.

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