Unstoppable Case Study

Laura D. Dyess
Laura D. DyessSales Director at Mary Kay
Laura D. Dyess is a nationally recognized Mary Kay Sales director with more than 10 years in the company.

Laura’s Story

Laura D. Dyess is an astounding business owner. She is a sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and has been for ten plus years. She is very strong in who she is, and she has accomplished many great things in her career. While driving multiple pink Cadillacs, Laura has traveled all over the country, teaching women how to build amazing businesses. She earned national recognition for being such a remarkable business owner.

All business owners go through dry periods where they begin to question what’s next, what to do, and where to go. Laura had been praying to God to help her with what she needed to do to grow her business and organization. She was stuck and needed coaching; she needed someone to help her with a strategy on how to get her unit inspired, encouraged, and motivated to move her to the next level. She needed someone who understood the world of direct sales, and someone who understood what was needed to take her personal business to the next level as well.

Laura and Shaniece had a conversation, and from there she hired her to be her coach, mainly because of Shaniece’s former success in Mary Kay. Laura needed help turning both her personal business and her unit around, and strategies were defined as a result.

Laura first scheduled a VIP Day for her team, where a one-day personal development workshop would be presented. This workshop needed to be different than all the previous workshops she’d had.

Second, Shaniece completed a unit analysis, so she could see what the specific needs of Laura’s consultants were. The results from the analysis showed Shaniece the areas where her unit needed more development. These were the areas that we focused on in the planning of the workshop.

Next, Shaniece and Laura developed systems and strategies that she could use after the workshop to keep her consultants on track as they continued to grow and build their businesses.

Shaniece then helped Laura focus on her personal business, because leaders in direct sales have the opportunity to earn income from their personal business, as well as from their teams. So, it was very important to focus on both areas. Laura needed time management and solid strategic systems in place. She needed to be able to focus on her team/unit/organization business and her personal business at the same time. This was an area she needed a lot of growth in, because Laura was leaving money on the table.

The VIP day was one of the best investments Laura could have made. It helped turn her unit and business all the way around. Her unit is now growing by leaps and bounds. With Shaniece’s help, Laura understands exactly what her unit needs to continue to build and grow strong. Her personal life and business has taken a total U-turn, and she is earning an amazing income as she continues to grow and develop, breaking amazing records as a Mary Kay Director headed to the top.

The workshop Shaniece taught to me and my unit members more than delivered on my expectations.”

My team is still reaping the benefits from the May 2017 workshop. Shaniece has an amazing way of quickly capturing your vision and bringing in each person’s gifts.” Laura D. Dyess, Mary Kay Sales Director

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