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Chantal Roberson
Chantal RobersonOwner of Cakes by Chantal
Chantal Roberson is the owner of Cakes by Chantal, LLC and has worked with Shaniece since 2016.

Chantal’s Story

Chantal Roberson came to Shaniece in 2016 frustrated and overwhelmed. In her personal life, she had experienced back-to-back deaths in her family and was a single mother working 40+ hours a week. Chantal is the owner of Cakes by Chantal, LLC, a custom cake business. Chantal desired to operate in her business full-time but was unsure how to polish herself as a business woman and set up her business effectively and correctly. She needed guidance on how to balance her life and create a solid foundation for her business to flourish.
After hearing Chantal’s story and seeing her ambition to succeed, Shaniece helped her legally register her business with the state of Ohio. Next, she walked Chantal through business essentials to help her understand the importance of marketing, bookkeeping, and customer processes to help with balance and consistency. Networking was a big lesson for Chantal; Shaniece helped her identify her ideal clients that not only wanted her baking services, but needed them. Additionally, Shaniece taught Chantal how to network with the right business owners, where they were not competition, and discover how they could offer each other business opportunities. Chantal did not really know anyone in Columbus, so networking was very important in her connecting with the community. Chantal and Shaniece also worked to identify corporate clients to help diversify her income and broaden her client base.

On a personal development side, Shaniece helped Chantal change her mindset. It was necessary for Chantal to change her perception of how she viewed the world and how she viewed business. By the end of the 1:1 coaching program with Shaniece, Chantal grew her confidence, boldness, and her savviness in business.

Since working with Shaniece in her 1:1 Coaching Program, Chantal has:

  • Increased her sales by 100% between 2016 and 2018
  • Landed her biggest contract yet with the State of Ohio
  • Was crowned “Cupcake Queen of Ohio” on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, where she will appear on national television
  • Grown her own online digital community where she continues to network and promote herself
  • Continuously walked in her gift, unapologetically, and is streadily growing in every area of her life!

“I was sold the moment I met Shaniece. She cared!

She made it her business to know me, my daughter, and my business. Shaniece has pulled me out of my comfort zone. This is only the beginning, I humbly say while shouting, “THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, SHANIECE!!!” – Chantal Roberson”

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