12-month emerging leaders program

The Emerging Leaders Program helps established female CEOs who are earning six figures or more, and are already successful but desire to expand their expertise.

The Emerging Leaders Program equips business owners with the right systems and strategies to become million-dollar business owners.


  • Implement Business Audits Taking a close look at current systems and strategies CEOs are using; identify areas that are broken and where money is being left on the table
  • Create Accountability Implementation of organization/time management and workflow tools to keep CEOs consistent and accountable in order to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • Equip CEOs with next level marketing awareness tools, systems, and strategies
  • Expand or change current lead generation tools (looking at what has worked and growing it)
  • Relationship Building Identifying key joint ventures and partnerships to grow visibility and reach
  • Create a solid hiring process 
  • Effectively create conversations around sales to master sales conversations, conversions, and management
  • Development of high-level content to up-level current brand message 
  • Design internal and external marketing messages to clearly connect to the right market and speak the same language as ideal audiences
  • Set up email campaigns, email sequences, and email segmentations with CRMS (Customer Relations Management Systems)


Wise, Armstrong and Associates is a minority woman owned and operated business education coaching and consulting firm. We have been in business since late 2008 and we have worked with many of business owners, teams and entrepreneurs across the country.

Shaniece M. Wise is the CEO and founder of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC. She is a Business Expansion Coach & Strategist. She is the founder of the Unstoppable Community which is a community of business owners where she provides coaching and training. She is a Certified Executive Trainer, Author and Motivational & Transformational Speaker. She is also the host of per Podcast “Red Lipstick Chronicles – Tips From The Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs.” Shaniece loves spending time with her family, traveling, dancing and reading. Her spiritual background is very important to her and she uses biblical principles when teaching and speaking. 

Her favorite quote is “Being unstoppable is not what you do, it is who you are.” – Shaniece M. Wise

One of her favorite scriptures is: But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”                 

1 Corinthians 2:9 New King James Version (NKJV)

Shaniece has been a Small Business Owner for 17 years. She started out as an Executive Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, where she traveled the country teaching women how to build Mary Kay Businesses. She earned 7 Free Career Cars, 4 being Pink Cadillacs, in one year her and her unit sold over $500,000 products of Mary Kay. Shaniece felt limited so she stepped down in Mary Kay and began to work, full-time in her Business Coaching and Consulting Firm.

Yes, she is a Certified Business Coach and Executive Trainer.

Shaniece has a 12 Month Emerging Leaders Program for CEOs. This is a Mastermind Group where she coaches her clients to success. They have unlimited access to Shaniece, which differentiates her from many other Business Coaches. She has a Resource Library that is constantly growing, where training New Modules are constantly being added. In her program, through the strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentorship, her clients experience guidance, support and accountability that others have not been able to replicate. 

Shaniece also has individual programs in place for seven-figure CEOs.

In her Coaching and Consulting Program, she teaches business owners how to build the type of business that generates 6-7 figures in revenues, high-level profits and cash flows. With her two business degrees in Marketing and Logistics, graduating in the top 2% of her class from The Ohio State University, Shaniece provides her clients with the tools necessary to create success. She loves her clients, cherishes their relationships and gives her all to make sure her clients WIN.

This Unstoppable Community Resource Center (UCRC) is a business center that provides coaching, consulting, and educational/training modules and activities. It is for business owners who desire to expand their businesses. Business Owners are taught by using the “5-Step Business Expansion Building Block System”. This five-step system includes: 

  1. Expansion – Work Flow Management System 
  2. Expansion – Messaging Building Block
  3. Expansion – Lead Generator Building Block
  4. Expansion – Strategic Selling Building Block
  5. Expansion – Scalability Building Block  

 Many of the UCRC clients continue in this program for 24 months, which is strongly recommended.


Stacey Shelby, Staging Expert & Realtor

I have been in the program thirteen months and it has grown me and my business tremendously. I now look at who I am, as well as my ministry and my businesses, differently.

“I attended a three-day conference Shaniece held for business owners. Before it was even over, I signed up for Shaniece’s coaching program. I knew I wanted to get unstuck, and after being in Shaniece’s presence, I knew she was going to be the one to help me achieve that. I trusted her.

Since working with Shaniece, I have implemented a new Staging Coaching Program, and I have gotten clearer on who my ideal clients need to be in order to expand my business and earn the revenue that I truly desire. My real estate business is expanding and I am excited about what is taking place. This type of investment is crucial for a higher level of success.”

After just seven months of working with Shaniece, my company has grown over 30%. She has helped me implement the type of systems and strategies that have allowed me to work "on" my business instead of "in" my business as the CEO.

“I was already a million-dollar business owner with over twenty-five employees when I joined Shaniece Wise’s coaching program, but I was overwhelmed and frustrated. The business was running me and I felt like I had no control.

Now I am in my second year of working with Shaniece and I just opened my building that houses all of my employees, host events, and I am also building my speaking and business coaching platforms. This has been one of the best investments that I have ever made.”

Lisa Gutierrez, CEO of Dos Hermanos Taco Truck, LLC


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