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The woman behind the mask holds the title of Mother, Entrepreneur, Personal and Business Development Coach, Executive Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and now Author. Never in her wildest dreams did Shaniece M. Wise believe her life would look like this.

“Being unstoppable is not what you do, it is who you are.”- By Shaniece M. Wise.

This quote describes Shaniece’s life as she journeyed creating the type of success that she desired and continues to desire. The journey has been rough, but it has definitely been worth it. She is focused, she continues to press, push, and refuses to give up.

About Shaniece: After graduating in the top 2% of her class from the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business with two business degrees, she believed that corporate America was her only option. Two years of being unhappy, unmotivated, and unfulfilled in her career as a Pharmaceutical Distributor, she happily closed the door on corporate America and went after her dreams.

Fourteen years ago, Shaniece stepped into her dream and became a full-time business owner with one of the largest direct selling companies in the United States. Over the last fourteen years she has traveled around the United States teaching and coaching on self-motivation, growth and development, and how to live with expectation.

Shaniece and her organization in one year sold over $500,000 in retail sales. This was the year she got married, received national awards, and was at the peak of her game; never losing, always winning . . . until the unthinkable happened. She never imagined that she would go through a divorce after only two years of marriage, be a single mother and alone. This was one of her greatest losses and she did not feel like she was equipped to lose.  Her father had passed away the year before and she felt like she just couldn’t take another loss.  She had always won in everything she did.  It was an eye-opener, but devastating at the same time.  For a moment she went to a very deep, dark place, not knowing if she wanted to continue her career or even continue living. Thank God for amazing family and friends, because they would not allow her to give up.

One day she looked at her son and realized she had to keep living, she had to keep going.  Giving up was not an option. In that moment she had to actually use the skills and techniques she was teaching others for herself. Her teaching became her testimony. She had to encourage herself, bounce back, get out of debt, love again, and move past the pain of regret. She learned to self-motivate, be a business woman, and a mother. She had to learn time and emotional management on an entirely new level.

Shaniece adapted to change and learned to move when God says move. After years of developing skills in teaching, development and empowerment, Shaniece transitioned from career to purpose. Her years in the direct sales company prepared her for the new journey. It prepared her to be able to teach women all over the world how to grow and develop businesses, even while life is happening. She is now a Personal and Business Development Coach, Executive Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and author, which allows her to serve on a new level; an un-ending, unlimited level.

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Who Is Shaniece M. Wise? 

Shaniece M. Wise is a Speaker, Personal and Business Development Coach, Executive Trainer and Author who helps others identify, activate, and maximize their gifts. As a coach, she considers herself an “Activation Specialists,” who empowers people in discovering and activating their interest, developing a career around their interest, and turning that passion into income. She brings these strategies to life through fifteen years of success in direct selling, coaching, and mentoring. Her successful experiences have provided her with both the confidence and knowledge to teach audiences across the United States how to move from a place of survival, to a place of thriving by turning thoughts into actions.

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