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Activating Your Gifts

In this workshop, Shaniece challenges you to take a look at yourself and identify what is keeping you from reaching your highest destination. What is hindering the gift that is inside of you from being ignited and birthed? What does it take to transform from the inner to the outer? You will learn strategies and techniques that are needed to identify the gifts that are lying dormant inside of you, that are waiting to be birthed. She teaches you how you can serve others with your gifts and create multiple sources of income at the same time. “Everyone has a unique gift inside of them. Your gift is tied to someone else’s blessing. The longer you sit on your gift, the longer someone else will have to wait to be blessed.” -Shaniece M. Wise

This is Shaniece’s signature topic and can be done as a keynote, 1 hour, 1/2 day, or full day session.

The Keys to Being Unstoppable

In this workshop, Shaniece teaches you what it takes to create a 360 Degree Unstoppable Portfolio. This is the type of portfolio that allows you to serve others on a whole new level. Learning to create this type of portfolio will lead to you creating order in the areas of your life that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential and highest destination. Shaniece will walk you through how to unleash that powerful, unstoppable individual that people are waiting to see. It is time for people to see the real you. It is time for the real you to shine. “Being unstoppable is not what you do, it is who you are.” -Shaniece M. Wise

Maximizing Your Opportunity

Do you struggle with identifying opportunities that could potentially change your life? And when you do, do you struggle with capitalizing on the opportunity and maximizing it to take it to the next level? In this workshop, Shaniece will walk you through three steps that will help you identify what opportunities are the best opportunities for you in order to personally develop and create the lifestyle that you desire; a lifestyle of abundance. You will learn how you can work a nine to five, build a business, and run your personal life at the same time. It is all about maximizing the opportunities that will take you to the next level. “Choose to change the path of your life and choose to change it TODAY!” – Shaniece M. Wise

For Corporate Executives

Power of Your Professional Presence
Are you wondering why you feel limited in your ability to grow in your current position? Are you feeling limited or like you have reached your glass ceiling of success? In this workshop, Shaniece will teach you why the dynamic blend of poise, self-confidence, control, and style permits you to be perceived as self-assured and competent, and how you can use those attributes to get unstuck and identify the perfect profession for you. You will learn how to align your gifts with the right profession, the right company, and the right opportunity where you will not have to play small. The Power of Your Professional Presence will allow you to achieve your highest level of success and surpass others in your field.