Identifying Your Gifts Program

What type of business could you develop if you operated it out of your gifts?


Identifying Your Gifts Program

Is this program for you?

When you were a child, did anyone ever ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? If you are still asking yourself that same question, this course is for you?

Now is the time for you to become the person you desire to be and create the type of business that will bring you joy and lead you to creating an abundant life.

What type of business could you develop if you operated it out of your gifts, strengths, and talents?

There are many people trying to identify what their true gift is, and how to develop it. I believe the steps to creating an amazing business is identifying, activating, and maximizing the special gifts you were birthed with. This is the season of entrepreneurship, and the “Identifying Your Gifts Program” is the first step in using your gifts to creating an unstoppable, successful business.

In this five course program you will learn:

Module 1

*How to focus on you as an individual

*Strategies and techniques that will help you articulate who you BE and what you offer the world

*How to declutter and remove regrets and lies you have told yourself, and pains that are holding you hostage

*To shift

Module 2

*To clarify what you have identified through the techniques and strategies learned in session 1

*Who you are and what your true gifts are

Module 3

*How to transform (how to think like an entrepreneur)

*How to think a different way about your future and your newfound gifts

*How to develop the gifts identified

Module 4

*How to create order in the different areas of your life

*How to effectively manage your time

*How to incorporate this newfound area into a successful business

Module 5

*How your gifts can create successful businesses

*Different areas that are needed to effectively grow a strong business

*How to position yourself as a business owner (how that will look personally and professionally)